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Exploring the Richness of Caviar: A Journey Through Varieties and Origins

Introduction to the World of Caviar

Caviar, the epitome of luxury and gastronomic indulgence, has captivated palates for centuries. Our guide introduces you to the various types of caviar, highlighting their origins and unique taste profiles.

Kaluga Hybrid Sturgeon

Our Kaluga Hybrid Caviar is a Michelin Star favorite that is the outcome of decades of best-in-class sturgeon aquaculture farming and marine biology. Our Kaluga Hybrid is the crossbreed of the Kaluga Sturgeon (Huso dauraicus) and the Amur Sturgeon (Acipenser schrenkii). The result is stunning caviar with golden amber pearls that delight the palate with a creamy, smooth flavor profile with hints of the ocean's breeze.   

We carry two varieties of this species. Both varieties are wonderful embodiments of the science and art that goes into caviar production. The Imperial Hybrid has a very pronounced golden amber color which is very rare to find despite standardization in farming efforts. Our standard Kaluga Hybrid is a darker amber colored caviar that boasts the creamy flavor that this species is known for.


Osetra caviar (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii), a legendary name in the caviar world, originates from the Caspian Sea and is now sustainably farm raised across the world. Its distinct nutty flavor and green undertones, ranging from olive to light silver, make it a highly sought-after variety. Osetra caviar's history dates back centuries, often associated with royalty, adding a touch of historical elegance to its culinary profile.

Paramount Caviar offers two grades of Osetra Caviar: Imperial Osetra and Classic Osetra. Our Imperial Osetra is a light green / silver green colored roe with a pronounced flavor profile that weaves between smooth top notes and nutty undertones. The Classic Osetra has a darker green hue with the quintessential nutty flavor profile that the species is adored for.


Sevruga (Acipenser stellatus) caviar stands out for its smaller, more delicate grains and intense flavor. Harvested from the Sevruga sturgeon, this caviar offers a robust and rich taste, making it a favorite for those who prefer a more pronounced caviar flavor. It's a testament to traditional caviar harvesting techniques and is often celebrated for its depth of flavor in gourmet circles.

Royal Siberian

Royal Siberian (Acipenser baerii) caviar, originating from sturgeon native to the cold waters of Siberia, provides a bold, robust flavor. Today, this caviar comes from sustainably farmed Siberian sturgeons in Italy. Its medium-sized grains and dark appearance are not just visually appealing but also offer a rich, full-bodied taste. This variety is perfect for those seeking a bold caviar experience while paying homage to the old world tradition of caviar.

White Sturgeon

Our Imported White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanous) caviar comes from sustainably farm raised White Sturgeons in Italy. This caviar sports a very smooth and buttery flavor profile that is perfect for newcomers to the caviar world.

Domestic Delights: American Varieties

The United States has emerged as a significant player in the caviar industry, offering a range of unique and high-quality varieties. From the smooth California White Sturgeon to the delicate Hackleback, American caviars are gaining popularity for their classic flavors and approachable price points.

California White Sturgeon

The California White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanous) caviar showcases a smooth, buttery flavor and beautiful dark brown / light black grains. Harvested under strict sustainability guidelines, this variety is a testament to the potential of American aquaculture in producing world-class caviar.


Hackleback (Scaphirhynchus platorynchus) caviar, native to American waters, is renowned for its firm texture and mild and buttery flavor. Harvested from wild-caught Hackleback sturgeon under fishing regulations, the Hackleback caviar is an excellent introduction to the world of caviar, particularly for those exploring this delicacy for the first time.

Our comprehensive guide to caviar offers a deep dive into the world of this luxurious delicacy. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or new to the exquisite tastes of caviar, there's a world of flavors and histories to explore. From the classic Osetra to the innovative American varieties, each type of caviar presents a unique culinary experience, steeped in tradition and refined over generations​​​​.