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Hackleback Sturgeon | Paramount Caviar


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Hackleback caviar, harvested from the world's smallest sturgeon native to the Mississippi & Missouri Rivers, offers small, yet firm, jet black pearls with the classic taste of wild sturgeon. This roe has a wonderful sweet, buttery flavor and looks like velvet. Recently, we have given it the nickname “adult candy” as it is a widely appreciated roe from all gourmands. 


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Common Name

Hackleback / Shovelnose Sturgeon

Latin Name

Scaphirhynchus platorynchus


Jet black

Roe Size


Flavor Profile

Buttery with sweet undertones and delicate roe texture

Place of Origin

Tennessee and Mississippi, United States

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quality and Authenticity

Importation policy

Imported Caviar

All of our imported caviar is sustainably farm raised from around the world and is imported with CITES certificates. Paramount Caviar partners with sturgeon farms that prioritize sustainability and high adherence to the home country's and the United States' regulations around sturgeon farming.

In accordance with US federal law, Paramount Caviar does not import any wild caviar from any country.

A dedication to Craft

A 'Science First' Approach

Our imported caviar comes from sturgeons that are sustainably farm raised under high-end aquaculture processes. We also partner with some of the world's foremost caviar masters and sturgeon marine biologists to procure the highest quality caviar.

Michelin star quality

Quality for All

We focus on procuring the highest quality caviar within its species as well as providing a variety of caviar based on flavor profiles, color, and texture. We only sell the single highest or top two highest grades of a given caviar species. The quality of the caviar you receive at home is the same quality that is served at our Michelin Star and high-end luxury hospitality group clients.