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Master Chef Caviar Selection
Master Chef Caviar Selection

Master Chef Caviar Selection

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Embark on a culinary journey with the Master Chef Caviar Selection—a sophisticated trio meticulously curated by top chefs across the U.S. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts, aspiring chefs, or anyone seeking a gourmet experience, this curated set embodies true culinary excellence all in the comfort of your home. 

Indulge in Danish Trout Roe's sublime essence, savor the sweet Hackleback, and culminate with the impressive Imperial Osetra. With 2 oz. each of these exceptional caviars, three Mother of Pearl spoons, and a caviar key, this set brings the mastery of top chefs to your home. It achieves the goal of delivering a sophisticated and luxurious experience, making it an ideal gift for those who seek the pinnacle of flavor and the ambiance of a fine dining experience.

Complete with French Blini and Creme Fraiche, this selection not only satisfies the palate but also imparts a sense of culinary refinement, making it a gift set that transcends the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression.

  • 2 oz. - 57 g  Imperial Osetra Caviar - Acipenser gueldenstaedtti -  Product of China
  • 2 oz. - 57 g  Hackleback Caviar - Scaphirhynchus platoryhnchus - Product of the USA
  • 2 oz. - 57 g  Trout Roe  - Oncorhynchus mykiss -  Product of Denmark
  • 3 Mother of Pearl Spoons with black tassels
  • 1 Caviar key
  • French Blini and Creme Fraiche

Featured Caviar and Roe

This gift set features the following caviar and roe varities


Trout Roe

Our trout roe comes from sustainably aquacultured Danish rainbow trout. At first glance, the roe bares a stunning orange, iridiscent roe. Your tastebuds will delight with the roe's fresh 'ocean' like flavor.


Hackleback Caviar

The Hackleback caviar is one of the quintessential American caviars. Hackleback caviar is known for its shiny jet black pearls and smooth and buttery flavor profile. 


Imperial Osetra Caviar

The Imperial Osetra caviar is the ultimate form of Osetra caviar. This silvery - olive roe is coupled with a complex flavor profile that has a smooth and creamy top note followed by a nutty flavor undertone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quality and Authenticity

Importation policy

Imported Caviar

All of our imported caviar is sustainably farm raised from around the world and is imported with CITES certificates. Paramount Caviar partners with sturgeon farms that prioritize sustainability and high adherence to the home country's and the United States' regulations around sturgeon farming.

In accordance with US federal law, Paramount Caviar does not import any wild caviar from any country. We do not supply caviar from Iran nor Russia due to federal regulations.

A dedication to Craft

A 'Science First' Approach

Our imported caviar comes from sturgeons that are sustainably farm raised under high-end aquaculture processes. We also partner with some of the world's foremost caviar masters and sturgeon marine biologists to procure the highest quality caviar.

Michelin star quality

Quality for All

We focus on procuring the highest quality caviar within its species as well as providing a variety of caviar based on flavor profiles, color, and texture. We only sell the single highest or top two highest grades of a given caviar species. The quality of the caviar you receive at home is the same quality that is served at our Michelin Star and high-end luxury hospitality group clients.