Same Day Shipping for orders placed Mon - Fri by 3PM EST

Same Day Shipping for orders placed Monday - Friday by 3PM EST

Customer Service

What payment method can I use?
We are pleased to accept these major credit cards, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa. You may also pay for goods via cash for in-person pick-up. 
What are Paramount Caviar's hours of operation?
We are opened Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 5:30pm. Please contact us prior just in case of any unforeseen time changes.
Can I pick up my order?
We do encourage in person pick up, please call 1 hour in advance and your items will be waiting for you when you arrive. Additionally, you can order online with the option to pick up at our brick and mortar in Long Island City, New York. 
Do you offer a gift service?
Gifts are our specialty. We currently offer a concierge service by phone where  one of our many representatives will assist you with the choosing or creating of a special gift.

Additionally we offer a corporate gift consultation and virtual tasting, and in-person private tastings in our Caviar Vault (only available post-COVID.  For more information, please call 718-786-7747.
Can I come in for a private caviar tasting?
Prior to COVID-19 we offered private tasting parties for groups of 6 or more in our caviar vault. We have adapted our in-person private tasting to virtual tastings. We will resume in-person private tastings when CDC guidelines allow for it. 
To schedule a virtual private tasting, please call us at: 718-786-7747 or visit our Virtual Tasting page in our main menu. 

Caviar Facts

What is the best way to store fresh caviar? 
Upon receiving the caviar, remove all contents from the box. Place the caviar in the coolest part of the refrigerator for two hours or more prior to opening the caviar tin. Once opened, enjoy your caviar within 3 days. If you have any caviar remaining we suggest that a plastic wrap be placed over the remaining caviar to eliminate any unnecessary air and recover using the original cover.

How long will my caviar last?
An unopened tin or jar will stay fresh for up to three weeks between 28° - 34°F.  Please do not freeze any caviar. Once opened, the caviar must be eaten within 3 days. 

How do I serve the caviar?

It is our belief that fresh caviar should be enjoyed in the purest way. We ship only the highest quality of caviar with the lowest percentage of salt. There will be no need to mask the wonderful flavor of the caviar any additional ingredients.

What is pasteurized caviar?

This technique involves a high temperature water bath that partially cooks the caviar in a jar. This process thereby gives the eggs a longer shelf life. Unfortunately, the cooking changes the texture, creating a very firm roe and will diminish its flavor.  Paramount Caviar does not carry pasteurized caviar, for these very reasons mentioned. Our caviar is fresh and should be enjoyed immediately.

Farmed vs Wild Caviar

In an effort to protect this endangered prehistoric species, as of 2004 under the direction of the United States Fish and Wildlife Authority wild caviar was declared illegal to import into the USA.  In anticipation of this law many farmers from around the world created and perfected the art of sturgeon farming, to fill the void that was created by no longer fishing the Caspian Sea for the traditional Beluga, Osetra & Sevruga species. It is only from the United States that legal fishing of the wild Hackleback and Paddlefish are currently available, under the controlled fishing license program.  Currently there are more varieties of sturgeon being bred vs wild which offers a more diverse opportunity for choice in flavor and color to those who truly enjoy this wonderful delicacy. 

What is in the name: Roe or Caviar?
Caviar refers solely to roe (eggs) of sturgeon. Roe refers to the eggs of other fish species. 

What does "Malossol" mean?
This word originates from when Caspian Sea Russian caviar was being produced in the early 1900s. When translated this word means “low salt or lightly salted”. The caviar masters would lightly add salt to the caviar to bring out its flavors. For fresh caviar to have this distinction approximately 3 – 3.5% salt is used to preserve and enhance the flavor of the roe.

What is Hybrid caviar?
This designation refers to the crossbreeding of two distinct sturgeon species to create one sturgeon. The female species of the Huso dauraicus & male species of the Acipenser schrenckii make up our Hybrid Sturgeon.