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The Paramount Caviar Gift Guide

To give the gift of caviar is to honor the recipient. Our gift sets are designed to show you a variety of caviar around a central theme. Whether it's exploring caviar of a certain region, learning the history of caviar, a romantic dinner with the two of you, or having a chef curated selection of caviar, we are ready to serve you and be part of your caviar journey.

Chef Curated Caviar Collections

Paramount Caviar is honored to have worked with some of the world's greatest chefs. Our chef curated caviar collections are perfect for those who want to recreate a Michelin Star experience at home and explore caviar from the perspective of iconic chefs.

Chef Eric Ripert Caviar Selection

The Chef Eric Ripert Caviar Selection features the three caviars that are served at Le Bernardin including Smoked Trout Roe, Imperial Osetra, and Imperial Hybrid caviar. Perfect for those who want a Michelin Star experience without the reservations.

Chef Emeril Lagasse Caviar Collection | Paramount Caviar

Chef Emeril Lagasse's Caviar Collection

Nothing says Bam! like Chef Emeril's Caviar Collection. These caviar kits showcase the caviar in Chef Lagasse's restaurants nationwide. And to kick it up a notch, Paramount Caviar will make a donation to the Emeril Lagasse Foundation with each gift purchase.

The Master Chef Caviar Selection

This trio presents the best caviar in their respective classes including Danish Trout Roe, Hackleback Caviar, and Imperial Osetra Caviar.

Self Guided Caviar Tasting Gifts

For those who want to learn about the world of caviar, our self guided caviar tasting gifts are perfect to explore our domestic and imported collections.

The Domestic Caviar Tasting Kit

Relish the United States' best caviar and roe in our domestic tasting kit. This kit has four caviar and roe varieties from all across the country.

The All American Caviar Gift Set

Explore five of the nation's most coveted roe from coast to coast. This kit includes California White Sturgeon caviar, Hackleback caviar, Bowfin roe, Whitefish roe, and Salmon roe

Presidential Caviar Gift Set

The Presidential Caviar Gift Set

The Presidential Caviar Gift Set showcases a variety of domestic and imported caviar and roe. This is the perfect gift for a caviar beginner or someone who simply wants to taste the world of caviar.

The History of Caviar Tasting Kit

Savor the three caviars that bid homage to the history and heritage of caviar. This caviar kit includes Osetra, Siberian, and Hybrid Sturgeon Caviar

The Imported Caviar Gift Set

Explore our five best selling imported caviar and roe in this all encompassing tasting set. This set boasts the full variety of caviar flavor profiles from Trout roe's intense fresh 'ocean' taste, White Sturgeon's creamy and buttery profile, and complex and nuanced profiles of Siberian, Hybrid, and Imperial Osetra caviars.

"Great value with a great assortment of delicious caviar."

– Ahmad Z. on The Presidential Caviar Gift Set

"Delicious caviar! My wife absolutely loved it and the decorative leather box. Amazing Gift!"

– Marin R. on The Imported Caviar Gift Set

"Wonderful buying experience and the caviar tasting kit arrived perfectly in time for Christmas. Each type has all been delicious to try thus far, we're very happy with the outcome!"

– Hayley O. on The Domestic Caviar Tasting Kit

Entertaining with Caviar

While all of our gift sets are wonderful complements to your gourmet experiences, these caviar kits are specifically designed for entertaining.

Cooking with Caviar

Cook your way through the Discovering Caviar cookbook with our domestic Hackleback caviar and Salmon roe duo. This set comes with options to serve two people or four people

The Caviar Service Gift Set

Caviar is the star with our Caviar Service Gift Set. Select your choice of caviar to arrive with accoutrements and beautifully presented in our custom leatherette caviar box.

Romantic Evening with Caviar

The perfect gift for the couple who wants some extra special quality time. Enjoy the pairing of our Classic Osetra and Royal Siberian caviars alongside some sweet and savory accompaniments.

The Romantic Evening with Caviar Set

The Romantic Evening with Caviar Set

Designing Your Own Caviar Gift Set

The world is your oyster when creating a gift set with our caviar and gourmet food selections.

Create Your Own Caviar Gift

Here are the components to make the ultimate gourmet gift for yourself and your gift recipients