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White Truffle Dust | White Truffle Powder Seasoning | Paramount Caviar

White Truffle Dust | White Truffle Powder Seasoning

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Add a taste of white truffle with Taste of Truffle's White Truffle Dust made from premium white truffles (Tuber magnatum pico and Tuber borchii vittadini), dried wild mushrooms, and truffle salt. 

This truffle dust can be used to season egg dishes, meat, poultry, pasta, and more with just a few shakes. Each glass shaker contains 70g (wt 2.47oz) of truffle dust. 

Ingredients: Dried wild mushrooms ( Chanterelle 25%, Porcini 23%, Oyster 20%, truffle salt 18%, Biancheto truffles (tuber Borchi vittad) 4%, white truffles ( Tuber magnatum pico) 3%. 

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