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A Different Kind of Black Friday Message

As the holiday season begins, we find ourselves reflecting on what truly matters. At Paramount Caviar, our commitment to providing excellent caviar and service is not just a seasonal trend, but a year-round promise we make to each of our valued customers.

As owners of Paramount Caviar, we want to personally share our philosophy, especially as Black Friday and the holiday shopping season have arrived. While many brands focus on discounts during this time, we at Paramount Caviar have chosen a different path.

For us, the quality and integrity of our caviar cannot be confined by seasonal sales. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality, beautiful caviar at fair prices throughout the year. Whether you are making a purchase in the festive spirit of December, the blossoming days of March, or the golden hues of September, our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards remains unwavering.

This approach means we step away from massive sales or temporary discounts. We believe that offering large sales could compromise the superior quality that you, our esteemed customers, not only expect but also deserve. It also ensures that we honor and respect all members of our supply chain from the sturgeon farmers and fishermen to our office and warehouse staff who work diligently to ensure you have a wonderful experience.

We thank you for your continued trust in Paramount Caviar. Your support allows us to uphold our dedication to providing exceptional gourmet products. As we move into another holiday season, we look forward to serving you and your loved ones with the same commitment to quality that has been our hallmark since day one.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and gourmet delights.

Warm regards,
Hossein Aimani and Amy Arrow-Aimani
Owners and Founders of Paramount Caviar

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