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Caviar Culture in Iran

Caviar Culture in Iran

This week we wanted to highlight Iranian caviar since many of us Iranians are celebrating the arrival of spring (Norouz, Persian New Year, نوروز) starting on Monday March 20th.

For centuries, Iran's northern coastline that borders the Caspian Sea has produced stunning caviar. Many experts attribute the quality of Iran's caviar to the southern Caspian's depth, extra cold water, and currents that allow wild sturgeon to thrive. The most expensive and coveted caviar is the Almās (Persian for 'diamond' caviar (آلماس) which comes from an ultra rare albino beluga sturgeon that produces a golden roe.

Caviar culture in Iran is complex. While caviar is not used in many Iranian dishes, it's associated with family trips up to Northern Iran (شمال / Shomāl), the food of the royalty, and being one of the most expensive items in Tehran grocery stores. Many northern Iranians who grew up near the Caspian sea enjoyed caviar on traditional bread with lightly spread butter and the classic Persian tea as a drink pairing. The tea drinking is also compliant with Iran's strict bans on alcohol.

Please note that Paramount Caviar does not carry any imported, wild caviar from the Caspian Sea or any other region in accordance with US Fish and Wildlife rules and regulations. All of our imported caviar comes from sustainable aquaculture farms that operate in accordance to both the US government and the respective home country’s regulations.

Paramount Caviar’s Hossein Aimani incorporates the Iranian tradition into his caviar selection process by partnering with Iranian caviar masters and sturgeon experts to seek and select the highest quality caviar that the world has to offer.

This spring season, we hope you consider trying our caviar in the old school Iranian style to pay homage to Iran's excellence in caviar.

Happy Persian New Year / !نوروز مبارک

Photo Source: Smithsonian Magazine 2015, CAREN FIROUZ/Reuters/Corbis
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